Saturday, September 20, 2008

Four months at La Casa Towanda

It's been four months today since we arrived at our new home in Eldorado. Been quite a summer!

Getting the house settled, watching our garden bloom, getting acquainted with the library here in Eldorado, enjoying nightly sunsets behind the Jemez Mountains, taking some drives around the area to see the sights, many trips into Santa Fe for errands, doctors appointments, meals at some great restaurants, and that weeklong stay at St. Vincent's in August.

We love it here! It's everything we hoped it would be. And now that summer is winding down, we look forward to the fall -- cooler days and nights, the golden quaking aspens up on the mountain, chamisa in bloom everywhere with that wonderful fragrance, the aroma of roasting chile all over town, chile ristras for sale at the farmer's market and shops in Santa Fe, the smell of wood fires in neighboring homes, and soon ... our first fire in our fireplace.

(That's Sugar in the doorway.)


Bag Blog said...

You will love the fall in NM.

Towanda said...

Almost all of our experience in NM has been in the fall. We came out here every other year in October, and a couple times at Thanksgiving, so I had a preview ... and so I am looking forward to this year immensely!

Buck said...

Wow. Four months? MY how time does fly, eh? Thanks for taking us along on a few of your rides, Sharon. I feel privileged... sincerely.

And yeah: I'm ready for Fall, as well. We've been feeling the first twinges of it down here on The High Plains. And it feels good!

Laurel said...

Congrats on four months and your first fireplace fire! GORGEOUS! Sugar looks trim and fit and ready to guard her new house. ;-)