Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Santa Fe to Lamy to Santa Fe

There is a neat excursion / commuter train which makes a daily run between the Railyard in Santa Fe to Lamy and back again.

The other day we encountered it as it was making the leg of its route that goes through Eldorado. It was very cool.

I'm anxious to take our grand-daughter for a ride on it when she comes to visit.


Laurel said...

I LOVE trains . . . especially riding on them. Even if there's nothing to see (but sounds like there will be lots of beautiful sunflowers and other stuff!) there's something about the click-clack and speed that makes time go slower and totally relaxes you.

Towanda said...

Oh there is plenty to see on this train Laurel - the magnificent country between Santa Fe and Lamy - part of the city of Santa Fe, mountains, mountains more mountains, the Galisteo Basin, and the charming little town of Lamy. As well as all the wildflowers!

Buck said...

Hmmm. Yet another item for the "to-do" list!