Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Down at the Fire House

El Dorado Fire/Rescue had their annual open house last Saturday. It was our first year to attend. What a wonderful event - the fire house and all the trucks, emergency vehicles and equipment on display, lots of exhibits and free goodies for everyone, fun things for the kids to do, and a great barbecue buffet.

John and I had a good laugh -- first condiment in line to put on hamburgers and hot dogs -- a big bowl of green chile -- only in New Mexico!

We met our next door neighbors there and got acquainted with them. Very nice couple.

And I had a chance to meet the Fire Chief. Actually it was our second meeting - he was in our house in August with the ambulance crew that came to my aid the day I needed to go to the hospital -- but I don't remember much about that visit; I had a chance to thank him for the quick response by his crew.

It was a nice afternoon. Eldorado sure has a lot of events for the residents and a wonderful community spirit.

Here's some pictures:


Buck said...

Looks like a great time... and yeah, ya gotta LOVE the chiles!

There's a LOT to like about firefighters, but one my favorite small things is the pride they ALL take in their equipment. I've never, ever seen a dirty fire truck in the fire station. NEVER. The same goes for the rest of their equipment and the fire house, too. Gotta love that.

Jenny said...

Yup, New Mexicans gotta have their green chile! LOL! Even at McDonalds you can order a burger with it.

Firefighters (paid and volunteer) are the best about opening their doors to the public. I can attest to the fact since I'm married to one. Anytime of day or night, just call and they will be there (as a matter of fact my hubby is on an ambulance run at this very moment).

Towanda said...

Buck, I was saying the same thing the other day - the local fire department is obviously so proud of their fire station and equipment. Everything was spotless, and they seemed to love talking about their work.

Jenny - God bless your husband for serving as a volunteer fireman. I grew up in a fire department family - my Dad was a fireman and my Mom was the fire radio operator for years and years. When the whistle blew - they were out the door... no matter if it was the middle of the night or a holiday, etc. I have the highest respect for firemen - especially the ones who do it as a volunteer.

Jenny said...

Well, hopefully it won't just be volunteer much longer. As soon as a position opens up in town, he's applying for the city fire department (and farming on the side). Or maybe that's full time farming and fire department on the side. LOL!