Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On a country road in San Miguel County

These pictures were taken on the county road that parallels Interstate 25 between Las Vegas, NM and Pecos, NM. Much more fun than driving the interstate.

The pictures below are kind of a mystery. If this is a descanso, it's huge. It looks more like a gravesite. If it is a gravesite, it appears to have three graves. Just behind it is I-25.

(You'll need to click on the pictures to see them clearly.)


Buck said...

Interesting... the traditional and the modern, in counterpoint. I'll bet the site is more than interesting at night, with (what I assume to be...) those solar powered lights on.

Great find, Sharon!

Val said...

Wow - the descanso of all descansos. Do you remember how far away from LV this was? I would like to visit it.

Towanda said...

Val ... there is a San Miguel county road that runs parallel to Interstate 25 like a frontage road -- we got off the interstate to stop in Tecolote to see the church there ... then headed west towards Pecos on this county road (wish I could remember the name of it CR 1800-something?) I don't recall it was too far east of Tecolote. It is so close to I-25 you can see the highway right behind the descanso.

Isn't that something?

Val said...

Really amazing!

I think I have been on that road before, or very close by. On my next trip up north I am going to look for it. Thanks!

I spent this morning taking pictures of sunflowers - I will post them soon. I thought of you!

Towanda said...

The sunflowers look better now than they did a week ago when John took the pictures I posted. I told him we need to go back and re-take some pictures of better ones!