Thursday, September 11, 2008

September in Towanda's courtyard

Star is watching for geckos:

Ooops, there's one:


Laurel said...

Star-star is SO handsome in his new habitat! I bet his little sister was hiding in her bed. Gorgeous plants. Enjoy!

Catmoves said...

I'm glad you can enjoy the beauty of your home and grounds now.
I think it's time for the biggest WELCOME I can supply:
A good piece of chocolate has about 200 calories.
As I enjoy two servings per night and a few more on weekends,
I consume 3,500 calories of chocolate in a week, which is equal
to one pound of weight per week.

Therefore, in the last three and a half years, I have had a chocolate
caloric intake of about 180 pounds. I only weigh 165 pounds,
so without chocolate, I would have wasted away to nothing about
three months ago.
I owe my life to chocolate!
Have fun today Towanda.

Buck said...

Stunning, Sharon. Your courtyard is simply beautiful!!

Buck said...

Oh... and LOL, Cat!! I obviously need MORE chocolate in my life!

Bag Blog said...

Your courtyard is beautiful. We drove through Eldorado on our way home from RR. It is a beautiful area.

Val said...

If my courtyard looks half that great in the next 5 years I would be thrilled! You have a beautiful place!

Towanda said...

Laurel...I put the picture of Star in there especially for you!

catmoves - Is there anything in this world better than chocolate? (Unless it is green chile....) I like your reasoning that without chocolate you would have wasted away!

TO all: We really didn't do anything to our courtyard, except plant two coreopsis plants, two lavendar plants and one hummingbird mint plant .... and that was before we found out there was a planting restriction.(ooops) All the beautiful work in the courtyard garden was thanks to the previous owner who loved gardening. Now we are the caretakers of his hard work.