Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chimayó, Part Two

Here are more pictures that John took on Friday at El Santuario de Chimayó. These were all taken on the grounds around the church. It is such a peaceful place.

These next two pictures were taken in the outdoor chapel (John called it a grotto) behind the church. It is full of very tall cottonwood trees which make a kind of natural ceiling over the benches and altar.

The santuario grounds have many shrines as well as the stations of the cross and fences where pilgrims leave various items: handmade crosses, ribbons, rosaries, pictures, handwritten letters, poems and other mementos. This one had many baby shoes and bibs. Inside the church believers have left crutches and walkers. The first time I visited Chimayó and saw all the items visitors had left behind, I was extremely touched and amazed at the faith which inspired people to take time to leave something tangible of themselves or their loved ones behind.

(Remember you can click on all pictures to enlarge.)

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Buck said...

Once again... beautiful photos, Sharon. Thanks for this!