Sunday, September 21, 2008

This one's for you, Laurel..

We were at an Open House at the Eldorado Fire Department today and we saw this:

HINT: It is a dog.

Any idea what breed it is?

First time I had ever seen one of these; the owner said they are quite rare. Indeed.


Jenny said...

Oh, I've seen one in a dog show on Animal Planet before! Course, I have no idea the name of the breed. I just call 'em "dread locks". LOL!

Towanda said...

That's exactly what I thought!

Oh my!!! A dog with dreadlocks!

It was hard to find her face. LOL

She was very friendly. The owner says they are often used as therapy dogs for work with the disabled.

Bag Blog said...

I don't think I have ever seen such a mop. Does he do windows?

Towanda said...

Isn't she a hoot? She was very friendly with the kids that were there - and of course they all wanted to pet her!

Laurel said...

COOL! Let me dig around my brain for a minute . . . Puli? Eskies have enough fur -- can't imagine taking care of dread locks! I don't suppose it was at the firehouse to get hosed down. ;-)
Did you get to touch her? Was she soft? Thanks for the pic!

Towanda said...

Oh yes, I got to touch her, and she was really not soft -- her dreads were pretty coarse.

I talked to her owner for quite a while, she loved talking about her baby. She could only find one breeder in the USA - in Maine.

She said she is a wonderful dog -- especially around children. (I guess that means she is not related to the Eskie family....although she did make me think of an Eskie who hadn't been groomed in ten years!!!)

mamasw said...

Hi Tow! :D

Isn't that a commondor... or kommondor... or something like that?