Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cimarron, New Mexico

Cimarron is a kind of sleepy little town about 20 miles east of the Enchanted Circle. Lots of neat western history there.

My favorite place to visit is the St. James Hotel, but they are renovating it and it is closed until they finish. I didn't even get a picture of it.

John and his brother went through the Old Mill Museum, which they really enjoyed - and said contained a lot of artifacts and history from the area.

Philmont Boy Scout Ranch is several miles south of the town. We drove back there to take a look. Beautiful gorunds -- lots of activity as camping season is in full swing.

Here are some pictures John got of Cimarron and the museum:




Tea Time Consultants said...

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Bag Blog said...

My favorite thing in the Mill museum is the photos of Black Jack Ketchum's hanging. They put too much weight on him and pulled his head from his body. There are also photos in the Dairy Queen in Clayton, NM. The St. James is always cool. Years ago I toured through the Philmont mansion, which is very similar to the Philbrook in Tulsa. I guess Mr. Phillips liked his houses to be alike.

Towanda said...

We just saw the Philmont Mansion from the outside and it looks spectacular!

Towanda said...

John did take a picture of a stuffed two headed goat that they have in the museum. I didn't post it. LOL

Towanda said...

Tea Time - Welcome to my blog. I am glad you are enjoying it. I will check out your blog!