Thursday, June 25, 2009

El Rito, New Mexico

The day following our trip around the Enchanted Circle, we headed west out of Taos, where the scenery changed a lot and we went through smaller mountains and high desert terrain. These pictures were taken in and around El Rito, New Mexico:


Buck said...

Didja eat at El Farolito? "Best New Mexico Chile," as determined at the State Fair, several years running. It's worth a trip back, if ya didn't.

Towanda said...

No. I don't even remember seeing the place. But I do remember being disappointed that there was so much less in El Rito than I remember from the last time we were there. I looked at your El Farolito link - and did a search on the web -- and the place looks so terrible that if I had not had a recommendation I would not have stopped there anyway! LOL Now it appears that we missed a good place.