Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Train Station at Lamy, New Mexico

This past Monday we went to Lamy for my brother-in-law Gary to catch his Amtrak train back east. It was a beautiful day and the wait under the big trees in Lamy was pleasant.

But -- the station is looking shabby. At least the exterior, I didn't go inside. The outside could use a fresh new coat of stucco. I feel bad that the first impression that visitors getting off the train get of the Santa Fe area is the rundown station.

AND - the train was late. THEN after arriving late, the train sat there for three hours while they got a new engine for it - they were having problems with the engine on the eastbound train -- and the westbound incoming train had two engines - but even so it took them an awfully long time to get back underway.

The train DID look intriguing, and gave us ideas about taking a little Amtrak trip someday in the future.

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Buck said...

This post kinda-sorta makes me wanna do an Amtrack thing, too. The last time I was on a train in the US was in the mid-70s when I took Amtrack from Klamath Falls, OR down to San Luis Obispo.

That was a FUN trip, but more for the company I met in the club car. We did the scenic part of the trip in the dead of night and I was oh-so-grateful for my drinking companions... and the attendants who vowed to keep the club car open as long as wanted. What a great good time!