Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Red River, New Mexico (Lou, this one's for you!)

Red River. What a gorgeous gorgeous place.

One of my favorite views in New Mexico is approaching Red River on the road from Eagle Nest, climbing up the mountain, rounding a bend, and suddenly there is the entire town of Red River stretched out below you in the valley. (How you must have loved seeing that view as you got to town every year, Lou!)

We didn't do much in Red River except drive around town a little bit and get some pictures. (We drove by the lodge owned by our old friend John Tillery but didn't stop; we'll do that someday after we have contacted him first to let him know we're coming..)

My hope is to go up to Red River sometime, and just spend a few days there in one of the lodges, relaxing, shopping, and seeing the area better.

These pictures all look very green - nothing like the Red River of the winter ski season - but seems like you really can't beat Red River in June either:


Bag Blog said...

My brothers and I would crowd the front seat of the car as we came around that corner and saw the town view. We each wanted to be the first to see it. I love the pictures of the Upper Valley an the snow capped mountains. Toby and I hiked those mountains 32 years ago a few days before we married, which would be about 32 years ago today since my anniversary is this Sat. We waded in snow to get to Horseshoe Lake, which is above the timberline. You probably didn't realize it, but in the 5th photo, you took a picture of some cabins. The flat simple cabin in the upper left is the Hall's cabin. It was one of the first cabins built in the Valley of the Pines. The Halls had four daughters, and one was my good friend, whom I named my little sister after - Kathy. We rode horses all over that valley when we were young. Kathy Hall sells real estate in Taos. Thanks for sharing your photos. I have been loving them.

Karin Hosenfeld BS, RD/LD said...

That's impressive! I love all your photos of your trip! I think I'll leave the grandchild at your place and head up to Red River for a relaxing weekend. :)

Kris, in New England said...

Wow - just so beautiful and so serene.

Towanda said...

Lou - I just love your Red River stories! What great memories you have.

Karin - that's my goal for the future - a relaxing weekend in Red River. Of course if you were there too, we could go shopping to our heart's content.