Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

At 650 feet above the Rio Grande,the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, 10 miles west of Taos, NM, is the fifth highest bridge in the United States.

The bridge, on U.S. Route 64, was dedicated on September 10, 1965.


Jenny said...

Went there once when my oldest were 3 and 1. It scared me with them up there. But it is beautiful.

Bag Blog said...

Toby's office was near the bridge as is the landfill. Why didn't you get a photo of the landfill? Now you need to take a raft trip down the Rio Grande and get photos looking up from the river.

Karin Hosenfeld BS, RD/LD said...

Is this where you lost Gary? LOL
I'm impressed that you would even go close to this bridge again. I know you don't make it a point to visit the highest bridges in the US. I get weak knees just looking at the pics.