Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rain barrels

Last weekend John bought two rain barrels to put under our canales (drain spouts) to catch the precious rain that falls here in New Mexico so we can use it for watering our flowers and trees.

Each barrel holds 60 gallons of water. In two rain storms this week, the rain barrels have been filled. They have water spigots at the bottom to fill our watering cans. Pretty cool.


Jenny said...

Those are so cool!!! Doubt you could fill them up over here.

Catmoves said...

When I lived in Brisbane, our house, as well as our neighbors houses, had water collection tanks that could hold as much as 2,000 gallons of rain water. We used it for irrigation, washing clothes (soft water is great for that) flushing our toilets and watering our grass in the dry season. It's great stuff.

Karin Hosenfeld BS, RD/LD said...

How many times have the dogs peed on them so far? :) They probably love you for the new "fire hydrants".

Towanda said...

Jenny - they are very cool. At first I thought they were eyesores in our back yard, but if they save precious water for our gardens and lawns, they will be okay to look at and we will get used to them.

Hi Cat! These rain barrels just seem like the perfect thing for our fragile desert environment - and the answer to watering without guilt that we are using up too much water from our city water supply.

K - they may have peed on them and that would be better than having them pee on some of my shrubs and flowers.