Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eagle Nest, New Mexico

I love this place! The setting is really wonderful -- clear blue high desert lake, surrounded by mountains.

We stopped here at a restaurant called Kawliga's and got ice cream. The service in the restaurant was poor, but the ice cream was good. We sat out on the patio and ate it while enjoying the great view of the lake.

(In the pictures, one of the snow covered peaks is Wheeler Peak, highest point in New Mexico.)


Bag Blog said...

The lake looks good. I have seen it fairly high, but more recently it was very low. One winter some ice fishermen pulled one of Toby's dumpsters out on to the lake. No one moved it back and it eventually ended up in the lake. I hope you are headed to RR, I'm a little homesick.

Kris, in New England said...

I just can't get over the blueness of the sky! Maybe it is deprivation from a month of rain here but - wow, it's just spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Small world! I went on a road trip from Illinois in June '09 and stopped at Kaw-liga's too, on the 19th. Headed to Taos for Summer Solstice and the 'Summer of Love' going on. Kaw-liga's was for sale at the time; I found this blog after googling the place (doing some reminiscing . . .). Beautiful area, great pics.
Ron in Ill