Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley lies at 9200 feet elevation, and the elevation at the peak is 12,481 feet. The ski area is located in the mountains north of Taos, New Mexico. The average annual snowfall is 305 inches. There are 110 ski trails and 13 lifts. The ski area gets 300+ days of sunshine per year.

(All pictures by John)


Bag Blog said...

That first ski run where the quad chair goes up - man is it scary. I've been on that chair when the frost is still on the seats of the chair - holding on for dear life.

Did you know that you can go over the mountain and into Red River's Upper Valley? There has always been talk about completing the road from Taos Ski Valley into Red River, but it has never happened. Tree huggers and such stop it. Politics are also involved.

Towanda said...

Hi Lou. I want no part of being on a ski lift .. ever. haha

No! I had no idea you could go over the mountain and into the valley at Red River! I would think a road connecting Taos and Red River Ski Area would be a big boost for Red River skiing.

Bag Blog said...

The road would be a boost for RR skiing - therein lies the political part of the problem.